Since opening it's doors in March 2006, Holdfast Tattoo has quickly become Perth's leading custom tattoo studio.

Holdfast Tattoo aims to provide it's customers with a totally satisfactory tattooing experience, from the initial consultation, through to application of tattoo and finally after-care advice. Holdfast Tattoo wishes to achieve a worldwide reputation as a premier tattoo studio, delivering exceptional tattoos and constantly exceeding all health department regulations and standards.



Suzi Q

Suzi used to be a schoolteacher. Now she's not. School is for people who can't tattoo.
Her machines run at 11.
The industry standard is 10.
She like French Bulldogs and Sailor Jerry Rum.


Phil graduated from the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn How To Do Other Stuff Good Too.
He wrote a book on it.
The book didn't sell.
Now he tattoos at Holdfast.


Star Wars.


Saira likes dinosaurs and has a vast knowledge of useful and useless information. Ask her a question about something, she'll most likely know something about it.


He likes font and stuff and i don't have a picture of him anymore but I promise I'll get one, in the meantime, he has an epic beard, imagine that. Got a picture now....told good is that beard!!??


Chris puts patterns in things he tattoos, I like that so I'm going to have him do one for me. He like science stuff and David Attenborough...who doesn't? That guy rules!!


He's not really a wizard but he can drop some magic tattoos on you before you can say Expecto Patronum.


Lukis likes doing traditional tattoos but can do just about anything. He is from New Zealand. Chur.
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